NodeJS dev Wanted

ShareCarForAds, an award-winning startup, is offering a NodeJS developer position.
Why? We are on the mission to innovate Out-Of-Home advertising, which hasn’t been changed for decades.
What we do exactly? We build a platform to connect Uber/Grab car owners with brands for advertising purpose.

Job Description

We are looking for NodeJS developer with at least 1 year (junior) or 2 years (mid/senior) industry experience

If you:

  • Are self-motivated
  • Want to work on super-hard problems
  • Being able to learn new things super-fast
  • Have a degree? It’s not essential, as long as you rock! Then don’t hesitate to join us at

Technical requirements

  • At least 1 year experience in NodeJS
  • Preferably being a full-stack developer
  • Being able to build a MongoDB server that can write 5 million records a day.


  • Opportunities to work with large-scale product.
  • Full-time, but flexible, no one checks over your shoulder, as long as you commit your code
  • Salary: $350 (junior) – $1,200 (senior)

Apply to